The motor oil is responsible for lubricating the important components of your vehicle's engine, making it more efficient. It protects your car and reduces friction and wear, prolonging its life and preventing costly repairs. Think of it as the blood of your engine because it also helps improves your car's performance. But which is the best motor oil for your vehicle? Should you use synthetic oil or conventional oil? Read this article to know the main differences between the two, and contact Audi Cherry Hill  if you need an oil change. 

Synthetic Oil 

Compared to conventional oil, the formula for motor oil contain 20% additives that are of higher quality. Because it's more chemically engineered, synthetic oil is a lot cleaner and doesn't degrade quickly compared to conventional oil. Synthetic oil also has fewer impurities and is more refined than its counterparts. Most importantly, it's more resistant to extreme temperatures, making it a better option than conventional oil. 

Getting more protection for your engine is one of the biggest benefits of getting a synthetic oil change. You also get better horsepower as it reduces engine drag. There's also no need to get frequent oil changes with synthetic oil. And because it can withstand extreme temperatures, you don't need to worry about driving in the winter. Your car will also be able to resist a breakdown during extreme heat. 

Conventional Oil Change

Also called regular oil or mineral oil, conventional oil is made with refined crude oil. Compared to synthetic oil, this type of oil is more affordable and is also readily available. If you have an old engine, it might be better to get a conventional oil change than synthetic oil. Although it can better lubricate an engine, synthetic oil still offers better performance and protection. If you're concerned about the cost, then you might want to consider getting a conventional oil change. You can easily find this type of oil compared to synthetic oil. 

Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oil Change: Which One is Right For You?

Synthetic oil is more beneficial than getting a conventional oil change. However, the latter is just more affordable. Which motor oil type to get for your car depends on what is recommended by your car manufacturer. We suggest referring to your car's manual for better advice or contacting us to know more about the different types of motor oil.

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