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General Maintenance Tasks for Your Audi in Philadelphia

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Your luxury Audi deserves the best care possible, but you must take steps to ensure this happens. We have some simple general maintenance tips that will prolong the life of your luxury vehicle. At Audi Cherry Hill, we will help you care for your vehicle.

Do a Complete Vehicle Inspection

Without much knowledge of automobiles, you can perform an inspection and head off any issues. Look under the hood at the hoses and belts. You don’t want to see any holes, abnormal wear or rips. 

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Bring Your Audi for an Oil Change in Philadelphia

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There’s no reason to neglect to get an oil change on your Audi. This scheduled maintenance task is vital to the health of your vehicle’s engine. Here are some of the top reasons you must bring your luxury vehicle to Audi Cherry Hill when you require oil lube and filter maintenance.

Essential Oil Changes for Audi

The regularly scheduled oil change is one of the most basic tasks that can be performed on your Audi, so it’s tempting to take it to the local lube shop, but that’s a mistake. The oil change extends the life…

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Audi Brake Pad Replacement in Philadelphia

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It’s simple to neglect the well-being of your Audi brakes, but this isn’t wise. The braking system must be working at top levels if you want to stop the vehicle on time. Otherwise, you face many risks while driving in New Jersey and might face expensive repair bills down the road.

At Audi Cherry Hill, it’s our job to educate clients about brake maintenance and repair so that you can drive safely.


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Benefits of Audi Factory-Trained Professional Technicians

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Your Audi showcases what a luxury vehicle is supposed to be. It is constructed to contain the highest level of quality possible, but sometimes repairs are still needed. When the time comes to have your Audi serviced in Philadelphia, you want to trust factory-trained technicians. Here are some of the benefits of bringing your car or SUV to Audi Cherry Hill.

Guaranteed Repairs

All of the work we perform is guaranteed. If you take your Audi car or SUV to the local mechanic, you won’t receive the same promises. We offer this guarantee because our team has the training…

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Take Care of Your Audi This Spring

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Winter takes a toll on your Audi vehicle. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to take steps to counteract what’s occurred. Your Audi car dealers in Philadelphia have put together some spring tips that will help your vehicle thrive. Here are some suggestions from the service department at Audi Cherry Hill.


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Get an Oil Change From Audi Car Dealers in Philadelphia

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You know how significant regular oil changes are to the life of your Audi engine, but do you know why you should bring it to Audi Cherry Hill? Why would you bring it to us over an independent shop? We have numerous reasons to trust the factory-trained technicians at Audi with your vehicle.

Benefits of Audi Oil Changes

Our mechanics are specifically trained on your Audi car or SUV models. They understand the ins and outs of every model, where the independent shop doesn’t. Each Audi features its own layout for the spark plugs, hoses, air filters and drain…

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Does Your Audi Need Snow Tires?


If you purchased a luxury vehicle from Audi Cherry Hill, you might wonder if you need snow tires this winter. It’s essential to understand how the Quattro technology works to answer this question. The permanent all-wheel-drive system has been around since 1980 and it is designed to excel in inclement weather conditions.

How Does the Quattro System Work?

Audi engineers created Quattro as they attempted to design an all-wheel-drive sports car that didn’t…

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Prepare Your Audi for the Cold Weather


The weather is getting cold in Philadelphia quickly. Now is the time to consider what you are doing to protect your luxury Audi vehicle. Here are a few pointers from the service department at Audi Cherry Hill.

Check Your Oil

It doesn’t take long to get an oil change. During these colder months, your engine will need to perform at top levels. You want to make sure you have clean oil in the engine…

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