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When you purchase your vehicle, you are excited to get in and drive. After time you begin to notice that there are strange noises coming from your vehicle. When can you tell if the noises you are hearing should be diagnosed by a certified auto technician from your local auto repair shop in Philadelphia? Your vehicle will give you indications that there are troubles arising, and you need to pay attention. Here are three noises that indicate you should schedule an appointment immediately.

Ticking Coming from the Engine

A ticking noise should never be ignored. This could mean that the oil levels in your motor are low and causing friction of the mechanical parts to rub against each other, ultimately breaking them down. Ignoring them can lead to complete engine failure.

Squeals Coming from the Engine

Squealing from the engine bay can be quite annoying and embarrassing. It can also mean a potential break down of your car. Squealing usually means that the belt or pullies are about to malfunction, leaving your vehicle inoperable.

Hissing from the Engine

Hissing noises when the motor has been shut off is an indication that the engine is overheating. Hissing comes from a coolant leak that is being pushed out of the system as the motor is trying to cool. This is a sign that you must schedule service with your local auto repair shop in Philadelphia immediately. You do not want to be stranded on the side of the road in the summer.

When you need maintenance or repair, schedule an appointment with Audi Cherry Hill. Our trained and certified technicians will repair your vehicle and have you on the road quickly.

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