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It’s simple to neglect the well-being of your Audi brakes, but this isn’t wise. The braking system must be working at top levels if you want to stop the vehicle on time. Otherwise, you face many risks while driving in New Jersey and might face expensive repair bills down the road.

At Audi Cherry Hill, it’s our job to educate clients about brake maintenance and repair so that you can drive safely.

What are Audi Brake Pads?

The Audi brake pads are found between the caliper and the rotor. These vital components help to slow the vehicle down when you depress the pedal. If the brakes aren’t working right, you will wear out other parts.

With Audi brake pad maintenance, you remain safe on the road and lower your repair expenses.

Symptoms of Bad Audi Brakes

Each time the brake pedal is depressed, the pads wear down slightly. Over time, the material will be completely gone, but several warning signs tell you before that occurs. Pay attention to these signs that your vehicle needs brake pad replacement in Philadelphia.

Failing brake pad signs include:

·        Squealing/Screeching Sounds: After you press down the brake pedal, you might notice high-pitched sounds. This noise indicates that the wear indicator has become exposes, alerting you to a good replacement time.

·        Growling/Grinding Sounds: If you continue driving after the screeching, you will eventually hear a metallic sound. This indicates that metal is making contact and you must stop driving now before the repair bill becomes excessive.

·        Dashboard Indicators: Newer vehicles contain a Brake Indicator Light that alerts you to the proper time for service.

If you know how to inspect your brake pads through the wheels, you can also make sure that there is ¼-inch of material left, which is the optimal amount required before replacement is needed.

Trust Your Audi Technician with Brake Pad Replacement

It’s not wise to take your luxury Audi to someone that’s not factory-trained. The team at Audi Cherry Hill has all of the necessary certifications and we only use OEM parts. Schedule your brake service today.

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