During the summer months, air conditioning in your car is not just a luxury anymore- it is a necessity. If your Audi is experiencing problems with its air conditioning, the reason probably falls into one of two general categories. Let’s take a look at what we see happen with customers at Audi Cherry Hill.

Category #1: Weak Air Conditioning

A common complaint in regard to air conditioning issues in vehicles is that the air is just not coming out strong enough. The temperature of the air coming out of the vents is nice and cold, but the airflow is not delivering, even at full blast. Here are the usual culprits.

A hose is loose, or the seals are failing

This can be a common cause of weak airflow. If the blower hose somehow becomes loosened or a seal has begun to fail within the air conditioning system, you won’t get the airflow you desire.

Buildup of mold or mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in moist conditions. Unfortunately, air conditioners operate in damp conditions, where mold and mildew can slowly build up over time. This buildup can interfere with the performance of any air conditioner.

Ventilation Fan Issues

Sometimes the issue is simply that the ventilation fan has stopped spinning as efficiently as it should. That frosty air will have trouble reaching throughout the vehicle if the fan isn’t working correctly.

Category #2: The Air is Not Cold Enough

The other main issue that air conditioners have is that they have strong airflow, but the air is just not very cold. This is usually due to problems with the individual components inside the AC system, rather than loose connections or mold buildup. These components can include the blower motor, condenser or evaporator. There may be a leak in the vacuum. Freon may leak due to bad hoses, O-rings, seals or there may be a problem with the compressor.

Fix Your A/C Right

The bad news is that AC problems can be very frustrating. The good news is that licensed Audi technicians can quickly diagnose your air conditioning issue, and get you comfortably back on the road in no time! Come to us for all of your repair needs and make sure you check out the new Audi Q5 for sale in Philadelphia while you are here.

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